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Zdravo!  My name is Sonja, and I’m a mum of two kids who is married to a tall, handsome Serbian man who moved to Australia to start a new life with me.   But, there is one place that  I dream about … people usually think of the conventional places like Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Provence.   And sure, I love those places.

But me, I find myself dreaming about Serbia and cannot wait to board the next flight to Belgrade…in fact, by the time I land back in Sydney, I am already planning for our return!

I was born in Melbourne to Serbian parents, learned the language (back then it was Serbo-Croatian), can read and write Cyrillic though I do make some Serbs laugh kind heartedly when I make some funny language errors.  Like, saying that I want to “breastfeed” the vacuum cleaner and not saying I wanted to use it!So, if you want to detour from the usual places and learn more about a place where contradictions reign (and are celebrated), come explore Serbia with me, my way.   I am not a backpacker, so sorry if I cannot help here.  I think of myself as a regular mum of 2 who loves a little bit of luxury now and then, likes unusual things and points of view, but who is also realistic when it comes to travelling with a family.   I am not the most adventurous person in the world but I will show you why I adore Serbia and why I want to encourage you to give it a fair go, and visit.

Anyway, this blog is my homage to Serbia, to get my thoughts about it off my chest.   Writing is cathartic, and relaxing for me.  So, writing about Serbia while I am away from it helps me to focus on my next trip (and stop driving my husband crazy with my whining about “when are we going?? why aren’t we there yet??” .  Would I move there one day, over the other places people dream about?  Sure I would!  We bought land there on  a whim during our most recent trip, and I am sure our next step, building on it,  will be an adventure in itself.

You may not have Serbia high on your European “must see places” yet…but I am telling you, it is definitely different and you just have to see it to understand why it should be on your list.  Maybe it isn’t a postcard place, it doesn’t have the Eiffel Tower. It  doesn’t have the breath-taking beauties of Rome.  But it is genuine, raw, still so untouched by masses of tourists and selfie sticks. So it means that you get to see a city getting on with its daily life and locals who are still interested in meeting new people.   Nature is similarly untouched and if you know where to go, you can find real hidden beauty.  And most importantly….Serbia has soul.  It houses the hearts of the most welcoming, straight talking,  people on Earth.

This blog is my invitation to Discover My Serbia with me.


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