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Where to buy the best ice-cream in Belgrade

You can definitely get delicious artisan ice cream (sladoled)  in Belgrade.  When we visited Belgrade this year, it was spring time but for one week there, it was quite hot (28-30 degrees Celsius).   It can feel hotter than it does in Australia probably because Serbia is a landlocked country, and without the kind of ocean breeze we get over coastal Australia, it can heat up pretty quickly!   So, with two kids in tow, and with a lot of walking around the city centre, we just HAD to find ice cream!  And we wanted quality ice-cream, like the kind we get from Gelato Messina in Australia.

Whilst you’ll find ice cream vendors with their carts around town, especially down the pedestrian zone in Knez Mihajlova, the river and parks, what if you want something beyond packaged ice treats?

Ice Box Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream, Belgrade

Frozen yogurt seems to be popular in Belgrade and my kids loved it at IceBox  located in downtown Belgrade in the Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone.    IceBox also has a great range of icecream and sorbet which will appeal to any age group.   I loved the Mango and Strawberry flavours.

At Ice Box,  your kids can enjoy making their signature frozen yogurt treat choosing their own toppings, including Serbian favourites such as chocolate covered bananas (Bananice) and crushed sweet biscuits (Plazma keks).  Try them – you won’t find them back home!

Ice Box Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream, Belgade. Photo credit : Ice Box

Ice Box Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream, Belgade. Photo credit : Ice Box

icebox 2
Address: Icebox, Knez Mihajlova 52, Belgrade Serbia

Moritz Eis, Belgrade

This Serbian ice creamery’s mission statement is stated simply as :  “We love ice cream”.  Located in Belgrade, Bucharest and Montenegro, Moritz Eis promises to deliver natural, artisan ice cream to the gelato loving masses.

Creamy taste with quality ingredients, please your tastebuds with a range of ice cream flavours, such as chocolate ginger, decadent white chocolate, strawberry balsamic and so many more!  Using biodegradable spoons, Moritz Eis is also an eco-conscious company.    Try their Affogato (espresso with vanilla ice cream)….mmmm…delicious!

This place definitely reminds me of Gelato Messina here in Australia!

Moritz Eis : "We Love IceCream"

Moritz Eis : “We Love IceCream”, Photo credit:  Moritz Eis


Mmmmm.... !!!

Mmmmm…. !!!

Address:  Moritz Eis, Vuka Karadzica, Belgrade Serbia.  You will also find Moritz Eis on the second level of Ušće shopping centre in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), just over the Danube river.

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